(SO)  Joseph Somes (later Merchant Shipping Co.)  

                SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR - w3s 724t 1844 Sunderland                   

               Oil painting by W. Howard                                    National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, UK (BHC3640)

                EASTERN MONARCH - w3s 1,844t 1856 Dundee    

                Embarking troops for India                                                      Illustrated London News, 1858, Vol.33, P.47

                TYBURNIA - w3s 1,021t 1857 Glasgow        

                Oil painting, British School !(th Century              National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, UK (BHC3678)

                DARTMOUTH - w3s 933t 1859 Dundee 

               Lithograph by Sir Oswald Walter Brierly              National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, UK (PAH0660)

                PEERESS - w3bk 780t 1859 Sunderland             

                Oil painting by R.H. Nibbs                                    National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, UK (BHC3541)

                CLYDE - i3s 1,151t 1860 Glasgow                   

                Hove to.. From a painting by William Clark / David MacGregor's "Merchant Sailing Ships 1850-1875"

                STAR OF INDIA - w3s 1,045t 1861 Dundee    

                Watercolour by Jack Spurling                                   “SAIL.The Romance of the Clipper Ships”. Vol. III,
                                                                                                       pictured by J. Spurling, storied by Basil Lubbock
                SILVER EAGLE
-w3s 903t 1861 Troon           

                Lithograph by T.G. Dutton (made 21 Aug 1862)  National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, UK (PAH0673)

                LEANDER- c3s 883t 1867 Glasgow                    

              Watercolour by Jack Spurling                                     " SAIL.  The Romance of the Clipper Ships". Vol. II.
                                                                                                        pictured by J. Spurling, storied by Basil Lubbock

               GAINSBOROUGH - i3s 998t 1866 London                                     

               Unidentified port (ca. 1870)                                             State Library of South Australia (PRG 1373/1/28)            

               NORTHAMPTON -
c3s 1,161t 1866 Glasgow        

               Watercolour by Frederick Garling                             Mitchell Library, State Library of NSW (DGD 23/4)

                RIALTO, ELSFLETH - 3bk 1,182t 1869 Sunderland              
                                                                                              State Library of Victoria (Accession No. H99.220/193)


                 Ship details from Basil Lubbock's:  (1) "The Blackwall Frigates" for vessels listed up to Star
                of India 1861 , (2) "The China Clippers" for Silver Eagle and Leander, and (3) "The Last of the
                Windjammers", Vol. 2, for Northampton. Plus, Lloyd's Register of British and Foreign Shipping..