IN THE PASSENGER TRADE TO
                                        AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND
                                           FROM THE 1840s TO THE 1890s

                                                      Emigrants arriving, Sydney Harbour, N.S.W.. 1853
                                                                                      Lithograph by Thomas Picken                                                                           National Library of Australia
                                          after O.W.Brierly                                                                                                (nla.pic-an5601430)

                           (For details of other pictures  of these ships and                    
                            steamers up to 1914 go to:-

                                   For ships in Sir Henry Brett's "WHITE WINGS" go to:-   
                            2.   http://www.findboatpics.co

                            Other Related Websites:

                            3.  A Picture Gallery of steamships up to 1914:-

                            4.  For Steam and Motor ships 1918-1970s go to:-

                            5.  For Jack Spurling and Antoine Roux
                                 watercolours of sailing ships:

                                   6.  For Aquatints (E. Duncan after W.J. Huggins),
                                 Lithographs (T.G Dutton, J.R. Isaac and Currier
                                 Ives) and Engravings (from the Illustrated
                                 London News) of sailing ships and early steamers:

                                        Emigrants leaving the ship, Sydney Cove, N.S.W., 1853

                                     Lithograph by Thomas Picken                                                                                National Library of Australia                                               after O.W. Brierly                                                                            (nla.pic-an3523574)

                             INDEX  OF SAILING VESSELS WITH PICTURES EACH 
                              WITH A TWO LETTER KEY TO A SHIPPING LINE OR  
                              OTHER HEADING UNDER WHICH THEY ARE LISTED


                             A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P&Q  R  S  T U&V 
                                                                    W  XY&Z

                                             (CLICK ON  FIRST LETTER OF VESSEL'S NAME)


                           Ship pictures are shown with the following detaila (left hand side                                                above the ship image):-

                           NAME -     
                      Then a letter indicating hull construction material, a number
                      indicating the number of masts and a letter indicating the ship's

                           HULL CONSTRUCTION: w-wood, c- composite (iron frame and planking),
                       i-iron, st-steel
                           NUMBER OF MASTS (1, 2, 3, 4 or more)  

                           RIG:  s - SHIP - square rig on all of three or more masts; 
                                      bk - BARQUE or BARK in a vessel w
ith 3 or more masts square
                                       rig on all but the last (mizzen) mast;                                  

                                      bkn -BARQUENTINE or BARKENTEEN - in a vessel with 3 or
                                        more masts with square
rig on the foremast only;
                                      br -  BRIG - 2 masted vessel with square rig on both masts;
                                      bgn - BRIGANTINE -  2 masted vessel with square rig only on
                                         the foremast

                      GROSS TONS -  one ton = 100 cubic feet  

                          The formula for measuring tonnage was changed by Act of Parliament      
                      and introduced in 1836. Tonnage measured before then was called om 
                      (old measurement) and after that nm (new measurement).  The change 
                      came about because of the changing design of ships.

                          YEAR OF COMPLETION
                          PLACE WHERE BUILT

                                   INDEX OF SHIPPING LINES (AND KEY)

                                           FOR PICTURE GALLERIES

                                                        Click on a Key to Enter Picture Galleries
                                                 arranged by companies)


                    AW - Aberdeen White Star (Geo Thompson & Co)

                    BB - Blackball Line (James Baines & Co, Liverpool)

                    BC - Blue Cross Line (T & W Smith)

                    BW- Blackwall Line (R & H Green, London)

                    CA - A & J H Carmichael & Co

                    CL - Cambrian Line  (Williams & Roberts,
                             later T Williams & Co)

                    CO - J.P. Corry & Co.

                    CR - J J  Craig

                    DC - Dundee Clipper Line (D Bruce & Co)

                    DD - Duncan Dunbar, London

                    DM - Devitt & Moore

                    DT - J Duthie, Sons & Co, Aberdeen

                    EL - Elder Line (A L Elder & Co, London)

                    GL - Glasgow Shipping Co, later General
                              Shipping Co (Aitken , Lilburn)

                    HI - Hine Brothers

                         HS - Shipping Lines from Hamburg

                    LA - Thomas Law & Co

                    MA - G Marshall

                    MG - Alexander McGregor & Co

                    NI - Alex Nicol & Co

                    NZ - New Zealand Shipping Co

                    OR - Orient Line (Anderson, Anderson & Co. London)

                    RO - D Rose & Co

                    SC - Scottish Line (W H Ross & Co, later G. Windram & Co)

                    SG - G Smith & Co

                    SO - Joseph Somes (later Merchant Shipping Co)

                    SM - Some Small Companies

                    SP -  James Sproat & Co Ltd

                    SS -  Shaw, Savill & Albion, London

                    TA - Trinder Anderson & Co

                    TM - Thames & Mersey Line (J Heap & Sons)                 

                    TW - Welsh County Line (W.Thomas, Sons & Co. Ltd.)

                   WG - Money Wigram & Sons, London

                   WK - T B Walker, London

                   WL - John Willis & Son

                   WS - White Star (Pilkington  & Wilson, Liverpool)

                   WT - Watson Bros

                   WV - Waverly Line (Williamson, Milligan & Co)

                   OTHER LISTS

                    CT -  Convict Transports - A Few Indentified Images and
                              Some Probables


                       Settlement of Wellington by the New Zealand Company. Historical
                       gathering of pioneer ships in Port Nicholson
, March 8, 1840 - a

                      Artist: Matthew Thomas Clayton                                                     Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington

                        (Permission of the Alexander Turnbull Library,  Wellington, New Zealand,must be obtained 
                              before any re-use of this image)


             SOURCES (Given under the image on the right hand sidee)

            A.    Museums & Libraries

                            ‘Picture Australia’ -
                            (Provides access to image/picture
                            collections in all Australian National
                            and State Libraries and Museums

                            Australian National Maritime Museum,
                            Sydney, N.S.W.

                           National Library of Australia, 
                            Canberra, ACT

                            National Maritime Museum, Greenwich,
                            United Kingdom

                            State Library of New South Wales,
                            Sydney, N.S.W.

                            John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland,
                            Brisbane, QLD

                            A.D. Edwardes Collection, State Library of South
                            Australia, Adelaide, SA

                            W.L. Crowther Library, State Library of Tasmania,
                            Hobart, TAS

                            State Library of Victoria,
                            Melbourne, VIC


                        The Canterbury Association ships Bangalore, Dominion, Duke of Portland,
Lady Nugent, Midlothian and Canterbury in the East India Docks, London


                                    Wood engraving                                   Illustrated London News 1851 Vol. 18, P. 422  

                B.  Artists & Photographers (Given where available under the
               image on
 the left hand side)

                                               Allan C. Green, Australia, photographer 1878-1954   
                             A.V. Gregory, Australia, artist, 1869-1857

                   British School 19th Century, oil paintings

                             Captain Thomas Robertson, settled in New Zealand, sea
                             captain and artist, died 1896 

                   C.P. Williams, Great Britain, artist/lithographer

                             D.M.H. Little, Australia, artist, 1884-1963   

                             David Alexander de Maus, New Zealand, photographer,

                             Edward Duncan, Great Britain, artist 1803-1882

                   Frederick Charles Gould, Great Britain, photographer,
                   1843 -1912

                   Frederick Garling, Australia, artist, 1806 – 1873

                   F.I. Sorensen,  artist (working in Cardiff c.1900)

                   Frederick Samuel Gould (son of Frederick Charles 
                   Gould), Great Britain, photographer, 1867 – 1948

                   Frederick Tudgay, Great Britain, artist, 1841 - 1921

G.Dell, Great Britain, artist

                   G.H. Elvin, Great Britain, artist

                   G.W. Butland, Great Britain, artist,
                   active ca. 1810 – 1843/44

                   G.W.White, New Zealand, artist

                   George Schutze, Australia, photographer

                             H. Howard, Great Britain, artist, 1769-1847
                             J. Foster, Great Britain, artist

                   James Harris, Great Britain, artist, 1810 - 1877    

                   John Raphael Isaac, Great Britain, artist/lithographer,
                    died 1871

                   Josiah Taylor, Great Britain, artist, active 1857-71

                   John Robert Charles (Jack) Spurling, Great Britain,
                    artist, 1870 – 1933

                   Jacob Spin, Netherlands, artist, 1806 - 1875

                   J.W. Vellacott, Great Britain, artist

                   Louis Lebreton, France, artist, 1818 – 1866

                   Matthew Thomas Clayton, New Zealand, artist, 1831-1922

                   R.A. Borstel, Australia, artist, active 1914-1918

                   R.B. Spencer, Great Britain, artist,  active 1840-1874

                   R.H. Nibbs, Great Britain, artist, 1816-1893

                   William Hodges, Great Britain, artist, 1744-1797

                       W.J. Huggins, Great Britain, artist, 1781-1845

                    Red Jacket in Hobsons Bay, Melbourne, 1856-1857
                        (with the ships James Baines and Lightning)


                     Artist: Captain Thomas Robertson                                        Australian National Maritime Museum
                                                                                                          Reproduced courtesy of the museum.
                                                                                                                                (ANMM Image No. 00006060)

                               C. BOOKS AND OTHER PUBLICATIONS

(a) Illustrated Newspaper Periodicals
                                Illustrated London News (1842 - 1891)
                                      Illustrated Sydney News (1853 - 1889)
                                      Australian Sketcher (1873 - 1889)

                               Vaughan Evans compiled indexes of illustrations (including ships)
                                     of Australian and New Zealand interest.for each of these publications
                                     These indexes are available on the website of the Australian
                                     National Maritime Museum.. The index for the Illustrated London
                                     News lists illustrations of over fifty sailing vessels from 1845 to 1881.

                                      (b) Books

                                     An oustanding book with colour plates of watercolours by Jack
                                     Spurling of more than seventy well known sailing ships, including
                                     many in the Australian and New Zealand trade, is "SAIL: The
                                     Romance of the Clipper Ships". The book is pictured by Jack
                                     Spurling, storied by Basil Lubbock, and edited by F.A. Hook.
                                     It was published in three volumes in the first instance by the Blue
                                     Peter Publishing Company, London from 1927 to 1936. In 1972,
                                     Grossett & Dunlap, New York, published a facsimile reprint of
                                     the three volumes. A composite volume "The Best of Sail" which
                                     includes thirty-six colour plates of Spurling's paintings was 
                                     published by Grossett & Dunlap in 1977.

                                     Basil Lubbock's "The Colonial Clippers", "The Blackwall Frigates"
                                     and "The Last of the Windjammers", Volumes I and II, published
                                     respectively in 1921, 1924, 1927 and 1928, by Brown, Son &
                                     Ferguson, Ltd., Glasgow, and have been reprinted since, contains
                                     photos as well as details of a large number of sailing vessels that
                                     were well known in the Australia and New Zealand trade. The
                                     "Colonial Clippers" contains photos of more than eighty such
                                     sailing ships.

                                     Frank C. Bowen's "The Golden Age of Sail - Indiamen. Packets and
                                     Clipper Ships with Illustrations from Contemporary Engravings and
                                     Paintings in the MacPherson Collection" published in 1925 by Halton
                                     & Truscott Smith Ltd., London and Minton, Balch & Company, New
                                     York, contains black & white and some colour reproductions of
                                     lithographs by T.G. Dutton and J.R. Isaac as well as of paintings in
                                     the MacPherson Collection held by the National Maritime Museum,
                                     Greenwich, in the United Kingdom.

                                    Another noteworthy source of  information and ship pictures is Sir
                                    Henry Brett's
"White Wings: Fifty Years of Sail in the New Zealand                              
                                    Trade, 1850 to 1900" (published in 1924) and his subsequent volume
                                    "White Wings: Founding of the Provinces and Old Time Shipping"
                                    (published 1928). A composite volume, "White Wings: Immigrant
                                    Ships to New Zealand 1840-1902", edited by Cyril R. Bradwell, was
                                    published by A.H. & A.W. Reed Ltd., Wellington.1984

                                    Two other books of New Zealand interest are Alan Bott's "The Sailing
                                    Ships of the New Zealand Shipping Company 1873-1900"
                                    (B T Batsford Ltd, London 1972) and David Savill's "Sail to New
                                    Zealand - The Story of Shaw Savill & Co1858-82" (Robert Hale Ltd,                          
                                    London 1986).  Both have many pictures of the sailing ships of their
                                    companies in the late nineteenth century. 

                                    David R. MacGregor's "Merchant Sailing Ships1815-1850", 
                                    "Merchant Sailing Ships 1850-1875", "Fast Sailing Ships - Their
                                    Design and Construction 1775-1875", and "British and American
                                    Clippers. A Comparison of their Design, Construction and Performance
                                    in the 1850s" (published by Conway Maritime Press Ltd., London) are                            
                                    also a rich source of pictures and information.     

                                    "American Clipper Ships1833-1858" by Octavius T. Howe and
                                    Frederick C. Matthews (published in two volumes in 1926 and 1927) by
                                    the Marine Research Society, Salem, Massachusetts) is another rich
                                    source of information and pictures. 

                                    The American clipper ship prints published by Currier & Ives of
                                    "Red Jacket", "Flying Cloud", "Lightning", and "Sovereign of the
                                    Seas", which carried people to Australia in the Gold Rush in the 1850s,
                                    needs mention. The compilation "Clipper Ships - Currier & Ives Prints
                                    No. 3, introduction by Felix Riesenberg" (published by The Studio
                                    Limited, London and William Edward Rudge, New York , 1932) has
                                    colour reproductions of twenty one of these prints. including the four
                                    clippers mentioned above.

                                     The most difficult task faced by the author was finding pictured
                                    of the ships which brought German emigrants to South Australia
                                    (beginning in the late 1840s) and subsequently to Melbourne, Sydney
                                    and Queensland ports.  The ships of J.C. Godeffroy & Sons, Hamburg,
                                    pioneered this trade and were joined by other German shipping companies.
                                    German steamships are well documented but German sailing ships are not.  
                                    Unfortunately the Godeffroy company went into liquidation in 1879 and
                                    images of their ships are hard to find. For an introductory account see 
                                    Ronald Parsons’ “Migrant Sailing Ships from Hamburg” (Gould Books,
                                    North Adelaide1993).  

                                   (c) Catalogues

                              The printed catalogues of the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich,
                                    are a central resource in finding pictures of vessels of Australian and
                                    New Zealand interest, in particular, the "Concise Catalogue of Paintings
                                    in the National Maritime Museum", and the Museum's "General
                                    Catalogue of Historic Photographs, Volume II, Merchant Sailing Ships".
                                    Online, the Museum's catalogues of 'Historic Photographs' and 'Prints
                                    and Drawings' are important sources. The latter with its many
                                    thousands of items is an outstanding collection of lithographs, water
                                    colours, etchings and drawings of vessels before they could be recorded
                                    by photography.

                                           Other noteworthy catalogues of paintings which include vessels of
                                    Australian and New Zealand interest are:

                               "Marine Paintings and Drawings in the Peabody Museum" by M.V. and
                                      Dorothy Brewington;-                                
                                    "More Marine Paintings & Drawings in the Peabody Museum" by
                                      Phillip Chadwick Foster Smith;
                                    "Marine Paintings and Drawings in Mystic Seaport Museum" by
                                      Dorothy E.R. Brewington; and the
                                    "Illustrated Catalogue of Marine Paintings in the Merseyside Maritime
                                      Museum Liverpool " by Anthony Tibbles

                              D. On Line

                                    (a) Australia

                                   Australian national and state libraries and museums, in particular, the 
                                   State Library of Victoria with its Malcolm Brodie shipping collection,
                                   the Allan C. Green collection of photographs and the David Little
                                   postcard collection of sailing ships, and the State Library of Soth
                                   Australia's A. D. Edwards collection of 8,000 photographs mainly of 
                                   sailing vessels are outstanding resources.  
                                   The State Library of Queensland's John Oxley Library  has a growing
                                   and significant collection especially of sailing vessels in the Queensland
                                   trade, and similarly the W.L Crowther Library of the State Library of
                                   Tasmania of ships in the Tasmanian trade.      
                                   The National Library of Australia's strength is in its Rex Nan Kivell
                                   collection of maritime paintings and lithographs.  
                                   The State Library of New South Wales has an excellent collection of                              
                                   photographs of ships (steam and sail)  in Sydney harbour, and a
                                   collction of marine paintings by Frederick Garling.  
                                   The Australian National Maritime Museum is still relatively new but
                                   has a nascent and growing collection of marine art.  
                                   There are also maritime collections at the State Library of Western
                                   Australia and the Library of the Northern Territoy but I am not
                                   sufficientlyfamiliar with them and unable to make any comment.
                                   By searching the name of a ship in the National Library of Australia's
                                   website Picture Australia, images of the ship can be accessed on screen 
                                   from all of the Australian maritme image collections


(b) New Zealand

                       The Alexander Turnbull Library in Wellington, New Zealand, has an
                       excellent collection of photographs of sailing ships that were in the New 
                       Zealand trade and which can be accessed on line.  These include the
                       Library.s collection of the photographs of ships (sail and steam) by
                       David Alexander de Maus.

                   (c) United Kindom 

                   The National Maritime Museum, Geenwich, remains the premier sourc
                       of drawings, sketches, etchings, paintings and lithographs of sailing ships
                       before photography became avaiable in the 1840s.  In photographs of
                       sailing and other nineteenth century ships, the glass plates of the Thames
                       photographer Frederick Charles Gould and his son Frederick Samuel
                       Gould held in Greenwich provide a remarkable record of sail from 1855.

                            This author owes special thanks to the staff of the Picture Library of the
                       National Maritime Museum, Greenwich,  for their unfailing help and
                       cooperative assistance| while this website was being put together.

                   (d) United States

                 Apart from the great collections at the Peabody Museum at Salem
                       Massachusetts, and the Mystic Seaport Museum, the Captain Walter F.
                       Lee collection of more than 6,000 photographs at the Monterey Museum,
                       Monterey, California, is of particular interest to Australia and New
                       Zealand.  Unfortunately, none of this collection is accessible online.  
                       Chase Weaver's "Guide to the Allen Knight and Capt. Walter Lee
                       Photographic Collections" at Monterey ranks the Lee Collection with  
                       the Malcolm Brodie Collection in Melbourne and the A.D.  Edwards
                       Collection in Adelaide.  


                   My name is Roy and I live in Sydney Australia.   If you find a mistake
please contact me so that I can correct it.  Or if you know of the                         
                       location of an image of a ship that I have missed please let me know
                       or, if possible, send me a copy of the image by email.  I can be contacted
                       by email  at:


                    Queen Charlotte Sound , New Zealand.  A group of Maoris in a 
                        canoe approaching a ship's side.
Another ship in the background


                     Painting by William Hodges who accompanied                                           State Library of Victoria 
                              Captain Cook in his second voyage with the ships                                         (Image No. H5215)
                              Adventure and Resolution